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Security Film: Peace of Mind You Never Knew Was Possible

30 Mar 2012 15:13


 It’s not surprising that burglaries and break ins have been on the rise over the past couple years as the economy has been suffering. People are desperate and criminal behavior has been on the rise.

What does this mean for you as a home owner? If you’re like most, it increases your fear and your need for safety. When most people think of increasing the safety in their homes, they think of security systems. Security systems ARE great and an essential part of your strategy to keep your home safe. However, it’s not enough.

It's Hot!!

15 Jun 2011 22:20

heat blog re-sized

The latest recurring forecast for the Washington DC metropolitan area?

Its hot. Really hot!!!

There’s only so much your AC can do when it’s 100 degrees outside. I frequently hear how amazed our clients are by the degrees their thermostat drops while our installers are in the process of applying window film on their windows.

Since 3M developed the latest window film technology for its Prestige line of film, people who wouldn’t have even considered film before (for fear of darkening their windows) are requesting estimates in droves. I’m often amazed myself that an invisible layer of film applied to your window can block out over half the heat and 99% of the U.V. rays.  But it’s true!!


Solar Eclipse: 3M's 2010 Dealer of the Year!

16 Mar 2011 20:46

3M takes more than just sales into consideration when presenting their annual Dealer of the Year award. Selection for the award also considers superior customer service, high-quality installations with minimal warranty call-backs, and all-around outstanding professionalism. Dan Brown, owner of Solar Eclipse said this about receiving the award: “We could not have won without everyone’s daily and hard-working contributions to the company.”

3M’s dealer meeting was held in San Antonio , TX on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 and Solar Eclipse was awarded the “3M Dealer of the Year: Mid-Atlantic Region”. The Mid-Atlantic region includes all of VA, West VA, DC, MD, PA, DE, and NJ. Out of over 1000 authorized 3M dealers nationwide, Solar Eclipse is proud to be one of the 8 who receive this prestigious award annually.

Don't Do It Yourself

21 Dec 2010 19:42

So, I’ll be honest, I’ve pondered what to write about on our FIRST BLOG for awhile!

Do I talk about one of the many benefits of window film like fade reduction, lower energy bills, glare reduction, or added safety?

Do I talk about what our great company has to offer?

Our Superior Products?

I’ve decided to talk about something a little more down-to-earth.

I’m going to talk about why trying to install window film yourself is akin to trying to Saran Wrap (wait does 3M make Saran Wrap? Hmmmm…) an over-sized, greasy watermelon.

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